My name is Evan Bond. I am a Dad and a runner. I also like to draw and I love to doodle.


Sure I can do all sorts of clever stuff, like illustrate, design, retouch, artwork, brand, conceptualise... all those things a creative does but I am always happiest when I am just doodling lazily away.... always have been.


I run a small Design Agency called DrawTalent and am partner of a full service Creative Agency called Lean Creative Marketing, but doodling is my passion - or hobby if you will. It's far more fun than silly computer games - or TV!


But the good thing about this hobby is that I can make a bit of money out of it. I don't charge a fortune for my doodles, so give me a shout if you fancy your own bespoke doodles... see my rates lower down


And action… Yes I also do wicked animated whiteboards as well as produce standalone mini videos of doodles actually being drawn.


I also do stop frame animation of my doodles for a more authentic look, although due to the time needed to create stop-frame - this is a tad more costly. These are on commission basis - but take a look at both a typical whiteboard video - and a few standalone videos here

This is a rundown of what I have drawn and where it can be bought if it’s for sale... I like to draw the odd topical cartoon strip when my colleague, Fraser Metcalf comes up with a great joke for me to draw up.

Currently I only sell on Microstock libraries - see links below. I will get some e-Commerce onto this site one day where I will sell directly.

I won't bother putting a fancy schmancy contact form here - just the ol’ mailto:email address will do I think. Just click the 'Say Hi' button and chat away... I will get back to you as soon as I can...

My design, retouching and Illustration

A full service Marketing Agency I co-own

A creative packaging outfit - a subsidiary of Lean Creative Marketing

I charge a flat hourly rate of £40/hr for my doodles. For reference this 'face expressions set' I have on Nounproject took about 2 hours all in to scamp, ink, vectorise, isolate indiviually and export the necessary file formats.

I supply all my doodles as vector AI, PDF and eps files - as well as pixel based jpg and transparent png files (great for PowerPoint)


As alluded to elsewhere I run 2 other creative companies. One is pure design, illustration, retouching and artworking called DrawTalent, and the other Company is a bit of a larger affair, being a full service Creative Agency called Lean Creative Marketing covering a plethora of creative and strategic services from videos to research, planning and strategy.

June 2017 Got approved onto IconFinder

May 2017   More icons on NounProject

19 April 2017   General Election Poll Stat

28 Sept 2017   Faces Cartoon Approved

1 April2018   Sport and Fun icons are out

15 May 2017   Oh Hack!

All images are © Evan Bond. 2017

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